Software Development Outsourcing

Our approach is a unique mix of highly experienced development team, client-oriented service and passion for IT.

Whether you are non-tech or well-established software company we can help you create software product tailored to your needs within budget and time. Due to our extensive experience, we are able to support you at any phase of your software development project, from the concept through implementation to the up-and-running solution, and maintenance.

Nearshore and offshore outsourcing

Owing to our extensive experience in cooperation with multinational corporations in the IT industry, we are able to support our partners at any phase of IT projects by delegating our team or a single specialist for a set time period. 

It reduces the risk, time and capital invested in the recruitment and employment processes, allowing thus to start the work right away, without any time gap.

Dedicated team

Depending on project specification, we can match the profile of the IT specialist or team. We ensure that our employees possess the highest professional skills and provide the best services in any environment. Your benefits: 

  • You tap into experience in our cooperation with various industries
  • You get on-demand team extension with high-qualified engineers
  • You reduce the cost and time of recruitment
  • You can choose from remote and on-site work models with the full control over the process

Everyday communication

We successfully develop projects for clients from almost all continents and from different time zones. All our developers speak English and use the best tech tools (i.e. Skype, Hangouts and Slack) in order to stay in touch with our clients every day. 

We organize whole-team meetings where we can see each other in the camera and where everyone can say ‘Hello!’.

Transparency of the process

Transparency is one of the Agile pillars and we are aware that it is essential for our clients. We make sure that all teams in our company work transparently. 

The clients can always track project progress on Jira, Assembla or any other issue and project tracking tool.


We propose two outsourcing cooperation schemes:

  • we can work online
  • we telecommute from our office and delegate a single professional manager.

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