Google My Business Now Warns of Deleting Reviews

Google My Business began to alert business owners about removing reviews from their search profiles by email. The fact was

B2B Shoppers Study 13 Records Before Making a Purchasing Decision

13 records accounted for 8 materials from the seller and 5 from third parties. Among the popular there are video

Google Listed the Best SEO Techniques for Promoting Online Stores

The Google team talked about the best SEO techniques that can help you get your business moving. Information is primarily

myTracker Adds Support of Post-view Attribution to myTarget

Now myTracker users will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the main advertising channels taking into account all types

Google Added Two New Features to the Change Address Tool

With the help of the functions, site owners will be able to verify redirects and track the transfer of a

Google Will Start Showing License Information in the Image Search

A small icon will appear in the image search results, indicating that a particular image is licensed. After clicking on

Google Play Introduces New Restrictions for GPS tracking as a Background Service

Google Play introduces new restrictions for those Android applications that track the location of users in the background. The service

Facebook Launched an Application for Creator Studio

Facebook offered content creators an even more convenient format for managing their presence and tracking its effectiveness. The social network

Google Ads Scripts Started to Support Responsive Display Ads

The ResponsiveDisplayAd mechanism has received methods to support new fields, from today, specialists can start adding responsive display ads to

Forum of netizens – iForum

Ukrainian forum for Internet professionals is a social movement created by a group of enthusiasts. It is dedicated to the